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NOTE: If you have navigated here from our main website, please note that this store uses a separate checkout system and all our promotions and shipping discounts are not available on the individual parts in this store. We instead regularly discount each piece on this store individually, so have a shop around and find some great deals! 

Hi! We are Australia's largest Second hand Bulk LEGO® Sellers, as a result, our store is filled with the rarest and best assortment of LEGO® you can find. We pride ourselves on making our listings as AFFORDABLE AND ACCURATELY DESCRIBED AS POSSIBLE, that's why we offer all our LEGO® at low prices with clear and simple shipping options!
At Bricktastics we look after your orders and will package each item carefully and in sealed boxes or Padded satchels and individual ziplock bags.


All our used parts are in excellent condition or better by default, we will disclose anything that is lower than this quality such as excessive wear, bite marks, cracks etc:
We pay particular attention to our Minifigures which will have accurate condition details if there is anything noticeably wrong with them.
We are very active on this website so you can expect responses to your orders typically within one business day, and orders shipped no more than 3 business days later, we ship out items daily (excluding weekends)

NEW - Looks new, feels new, plays new. No marks or defects.
LIKE NEW - Looks new, feels new, plays new to the naked eye. May not be perfect upon VERY close inspection.
EXCELLENT - Overall great condition may show slight signs of play wear, if there is any obvious damage such as cracks, loose joints or print wear, we will disclose this in the listing description.
GREAT - Will show minor signs of wear, we will price this item below the average and will disclose any obvious signs of damage, if there are any.
GOOD - Will show moderate signs of wear, we will price this item well below the average and will disclose any obvious signs of damage, if there are any, the part will still be very usable.
PLAY WORN - Exhibits obvious playwear, we will disclose what this is and price this item very well for quick sale. Expect the item to be damaged but a bargain (Great for salvaging and repairing parts!)

Promotions & Discounts
Bricktastics operates multiple storefronts across other websites. Please note that any promotions or discount offers DO NOT apply to this store. We adjust and regularly discount items individually throughout this store, so please do not ask to apply a discount or offer you have seen in our other promotional media.